The Kiss of Deception – Mary Pearson

the kiss of deceptionPrincess Lia must marry a prince she has never seen or met to broker a peace between two kingdoms.  Lia is not a big fan of that whole ‘sacrifice happiness for the good of the kingdom’ thing.  So Lia and her best friend, Pauline hatch a last minute plan to run away.  They make their way to an inn that was Pauline’s childhood home in a peaceful seaside village.  Quickly settling into life in the busy inn, Lia lets her guard down.  Two travellers wander into the inn; both become enamored of Lia and decide to stay a while.  One is the jilted prince, determined to track her down and angry because she bolted before he did.  The other is an assassin sent by a neighboring kingdom tasked with killing Lia to start a war.

The chapter title tells the reader if it is the Assassin, the Prince, or Lia who is telling the story.  Ahhh, but which man is the assassin and which is the prince?  I am a gushing fan of Mary Pearson and adore The Miles Between.  This is also quite excellent.  A delicious adventure with a tingle of romance and deceit.  This will be quite popular and ends with a cliff hanger.  I eagerly await the next book in this new series, The Remnant Chronicles.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review     Publication date 7.15.14

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