Pathfinder: TodHunter Moon – Angie Sage

Pathfinder Tod Hunter MoonPathfinder takes place several years after the finale to the Septimus Heap series.  Sep is now the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, relieving the burden from Marcia who seems to relish her freedom and experiments with Magykal passages.  Pathfinder passes the story torch from Septimus Heap to Alice TodHunter Moon.  Tod (she prefers that to Alice) comes from an isolated fishing village where the members share an interesting heritage as Pathfinders.  Darke is once again rearing its ugly head when evil Garmin invade the village capturing the Pathfinders.  Newly orphaned Tod heroically rescues a friend then fulfills her mother’s wish to journey to the Wizard Tower.  This is where she meets crew: Septimus, Jenna, Marcia, Beetle – well she meets everyone – and of course her own strong Magyk is discovered.  What’s not to like in Tod?  She’s brave, clever, humble, loyal and has two great friends in Oscar and Fergie.  So very good to be back with old friends!  Highly recommend.

eGalley review       Publication date 10.14.14

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