A Thousand Pieces of You – Claudia Gray

a Thousand pieces of youMarguerite’s brilliant scientist parents have received funding from a giant tech corporation to develop their parallel universe theories.  Their two grad student assistants, Paul and Theo, are treated like family.  When it appears Paul has killed her father and escaped to an alternate universe, Marguerite and Theo chase after him with intent to kill.  As the three jump to each different universe, their soul enters the body of their universal double and takes over.  A love triangle emerges to add the touching element to this fast-paced race through the universes.

Alternate universe stories are fun and stretch the mind a bit, thinking of what-ifs and the many different paths every decision we make create.  While this is not as gritty as All Our Yesterdays (Cristin Terrill), it is very good.  For teens ready to jump into multiple universe stories, this will satisfy quite nicely.  The story wraps up but the door is left open for more.

eGalley review                     Publication date 11.4.14

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