A Spool of Blue Thread – Anne Tyler

Spool of Blue ThreadAbby and Red Whitshanks had four children. Denny was the best looking and caused the most problems, always doing the unexpected, always stirring up things, looking to upset everyone.  He was the one teachers called about, the one who dropped out of college.  The two older girls, Amanda and Jeannie, and Stem, the younger son, tolerated Denny.  They expected him to behave badly and he didn’t disappoint.

Three generations of Whitshanks have lived in the large Baltimore house.  As their stories gradually unfold we are taken into the lives of an ordinary family that isn’t quite so ordinary, people with quirks and secrets, people trying to make sense of life, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes doing good things.   These are people whom we want to love, flaws and all.

Ann Tyler is a master storyteller.  I have loved all of her books, and this is no exception.  The book came to an end far too soon because there was so much more I wanted to know about the Whitshanks.  Recommended for adults and older teens.

eGalley review      Publication date 02.10.15

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