Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

Red QueenThe ruling class elite have silver blood and special powers (think X-men).  The working class with red blood are oppressed and downtrodden.  Mare Barrow is one of the red blooded downtrodden who will soon have to leave her family and life as a pick-pocket when she will be drafted as an expendable soldier at the front.  Through a twist of fate, Mare lands a job as a servant for the royal family.  During her first night on the job, after a dangerous mishap, she and the ruling elite are shocked (literally) when her electrifying powers are revealed.  How can this be?  A red blood with powers?  The royal family hides her in plain site by giving her a new identity and betrothing her to prince #2.

Rebellion is the running theme.  Rebellion by the oppressed red bloods and rebellion within the royal family.  Back-stabbing, duplicitous, power-laden nobles all perfectly content to hurt others . . . almost all.  Who is the good prince and who is the bad prince or is everyone a shade of gray?  This first book in the series features a flawed but resourceful heroine and two dashing princes and a perfect eye-catching cover!  Highly recommend.

eGalley review         Publication date 2.10.15

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