Rock with Wings – Anne Hillerman

rock with wingsOfficer Bernie Manuelito couldn’t let go of the drug bust that didn’t happen.  The guy seemed nervous, even offered her a bribe, but he and his car were clean.  The only things found in the trunk were boxes of dirt.  She really hated loose ends.  And she hated being away from Chee.  She had to leave their vacation in Monument Valley to come home to take care of Mama. He needed to stay and help his cousin.  Then they each became involved in cases that needed a bit of help from Lieutenant Leaphorn.

Anne Hillerman continues the Leaphorn and Chee series started by her father. She writes with a respect for the Navajo culture and traditions.  The detailed descriptions of the landscape are excellent.  Her characters have many layers and are believable.  I enjoyed most of the book very much, however the wrap up of the two mysteries was unsatisfactory.  Pulling all the threads together seemed contrived and some deductions were not explained.  She is a fine writer and I hope the plotting of the mystery will be better next time.

eGalley review        Publication date 5.5.15

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