Daughter of Deep Silence – Carrie Ryan

Daughter of Deep SilenceFrances meets Libby on a cruise ship and they become fast friends.  Frances also meets her first love, Greyson, the son of a US Senator.  The vacation with her parents quickly turns into a nightmare when armed terrorists board the ship and attempt to kill all the passengers.  Frances witnesses the murder of her parents and Libby’s mother before she and Libby jump into the ocean.  A week later, only Frances is alive.  The lack of food and water and the relentless sun lead to Libby’s slow and painful death just moments before a rescue ship, the yacht owned by Libby’s wealthy father, finds them.   Recovering from the ordeal takes a twist when she catches Grey and his father on TV saying the ship was destroyed by a rogue wave and they were the only two survivors.  There is no mention of terrorists, who systematically murdered every passenger on the ship.  Frances is an orphan now and has nowhere to go.  Libby’s father realizes Frances is in danger since she could destroy the Senator’s story, so he suggests Frances assumes Libby’s identity and sends her off to boarding school in Europe.  Frances spends the next four years becoming Libby.  After the death of her “father”, she returns home to seek revenge on the Senator and discover the truth about that night of terror.

The TV show, Revenge, kept coming to mind as I read.  The setting is similar with homes of the wealthy along a stretch of beach and a wronged girl avenging the deaths of her loved ones.  This is good.  It’s a good teen suspense novel with plenty of life-threatening close calls, bad guys, and a hearty sprinkle of romance.  Well-written with flashbacks to the cruise, the author deftly weaves the personalities of Libby and Frances into one girl.  This should be quite popular with teens.

eGalley review                  Publication date 5.26.15

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