Alive – Scott Sigler

AliveShe awakes to pain and panic.  Shackled inside a coffin pitch dark.  Sketchy memories fly through her mind.  She must escape and fight through the pain to break free, only to find she is trapped in a room with other coffins.

Respecting the author’s request to not give anything away, I’ll stop here.  This is going to be a huge success!  The story is chockfull of characters determined to stay alive.  It is dramatic and violent and edge of your seat.  Best of all, from a middle school librarian’s view, is the lack of sexual situations and lack of foul language that help make this book ideal for this age group as well as older teens.  Sure, the violence is there and bad things happen but that’s what keeps this story so exciting at every turn.  Fantastic read for teens of all ages, and adults!  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                    Publication date 7.14.15

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