Ash & Bramble – Sarah Prineas

ash & brambleFairy tales are not pretty.  Where do all of the beautiful dresses, fancy shoes, and unique tools manufactured that are so prominently featured in fairy tales?  It turns out the Godmother is a cruel slave master who kidnaps skilled tradesmen, wipes their memories and sets them to work in a horrid fortress with no hope of escape in order to supply her fairy tales with the finery.   Things change within the fortress when a new seamstress slave is acquired who is determined to escape and take the shoemaker with her.

This is the story of Shoe and Pin and the evil Godmother who are all puppets to the mechanism of Story.  Much more than a retelling of Cinderella, it is a behind the scenes look at the myriad of characters involved in a Story and the force in play to create a “happy ending”.  Rich with characters and a plot that peaks and settles, peaks and settles, it was a delight to read every page.  This is not a girly fairy tale, but one I hope gains a readership in boys as well.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                         Publication date 9.15.15

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