SandRider: TodHunter Moon, Book Two – Angie Sage

sandriderThey’re back!  All the rich characters from the Septimus Heap series and the spinoff TodHunter Moon series bring another sparkling adventure to entertain.  I like Tod.  She’s smart and serious and works things out.  Rather than fretting about, she just handles it.  This time, we are meeting characters from a desert region where a young girl is thrust into an adventure after an evil man kidnaps her young sister.  His intent is to keep the girl hostage to force her mother to protect a mysterious egg that must hatch.  This is the Orm’s egg and after it hatches, will create Lapis Lazuli the stones that enable Magyk.  Tod and Septimus must not let the hatchling imprint on the evil sorcerer but first, they must find it.  Spit Fyre, feeling a kinship with the Orm, tracks the egg and sets up watch.

The adventures twist and turn while the characters reunite and part, to tell another delightful story.  These books are just fun to read.  With each publication, it’s like coming home.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review                     Publication date 10.13.15

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