Return Once More – Trisha Leigh

return once moreHumans left a ruined Earth and now reside in space colonies.  Kaia is in the final years of training to be a Historian.  This elite group travels back in time to observe history presumably to keep from making the same mistakes.  There are strict rules stipulating observation only with no interference that may change history in any way.  The consequences of even a minor influence could be disastrous.  Kaia celebrates her 16th birthday by receiving the name of her one true love.  Through a complex set of algorithms, scientist can determine your one true love in all the ages.  Sound great? Well, chances are highly likely that your true love lived and died many years before you were born.  Kaia learns her true love is Caesarion Caesar, the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.  He was murdered at the age of 17, by Octavian of Rome to eliminate any possible threat to the Roman Empire.

Kaia tends to question authority and manages to travel back to glimpse her true love.  Oops, they actually speak and kiss.  Lots of very big violations with the time-space continuum.  Kaia isn’t the only one breaking the rules and she uncovers many untruths among the elder Historians.

There is a lot of reflection laced into the story.  We are told so many times about the potential ramifications of interfering with history that I tended to skim past the lectures and self-reflections.  The story is good, it just needed to move along at a faster pace for my taste.  The author poses an interesting premise of finding and observing your one true love.  And would you save that person if you could and risk future generations?  Teens should enjoy this selection, peppered with romance, danger, and intriguing what-ifs.

eGalley review                              Publication date 10.20.15

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