The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories – Ken Liu

Ipaper menagerie have tried to select a favorite from these wonderful stories, but I just can’t. At first I chose All the Flavors, loving the open minded child Lily and her adventures with the Chinamen who came to Idaho City. Or perhaps it is The Waves, about a family living on a space ship. Then there is State Change with a woman whose soul is an ice cube. And of course The Paper Menagerie is special.

From the off-the-wall sci-fi of The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species to the bittersweet The Paper Menagerie, to the near future that seems almost upon us in The Perfect Match, to the gritty The Regular, the stories in this anthology are all very different, both in style and content. Often, I can read short fiction and identify it immediately with the author. Not so with Ken Liu. He covers every facet of science fiction/fantasy and does it very, very well. The stories are all award winners or award finalists, with the title story being the only story ever to have won the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards. This collection is highly recommended.
eGalley review                Publication date 3.8.16

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