Vinegar Girl – Anne Tyler

Vinegar Girl - CopyKate seems to always be in trouble at school. Well, she just can’t help telling it like it is, even with four-year- olds. She likes her job and tries really hard, but the words just come out. At home things aren’t much better. She keeps house for her eccentric, scientist father and teenaged sister. To top it all off, her father has come up with an idea to keep his assistant from being deported. The young man can simply marry Kate. Problem solved!

Anne Tyler has done it again. She kept me smiling from cover to cover. The novel is full of quirky, strong characters that play off each other perfectly. I couldn’t help imagining the screen play and trying to decide who to cast as the major actors. This book is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare series, in which modern authors re-imagine Shakespeare’s plays, and as such, it isn’t a great success. Kate is not a shrew, just an outspoken, honest woman. In fact she is very patient with her demanding father and bratty sister. So just ignore the Shakespeare part and enjoy the book for what it is – a delightful story about a delightful young woman.

eGalley review                     Publication date 6.21.16

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