When Friendship Followed Me Home – Paul Griffin

When Friendship Followed Me Home - CopyBen was in the foster care system since he was an infant.  When he was around 10, he was adopted by his speech therapist.  It was a wonderful fit for both of them.  However, she was elderly and had health issues.  A few years after being adopted, his mother dies quite unexpectedly and once again, Ben’s future is uncertain.  Before his mother dies, a cute stray dog follows Ben home from his second home, the public library.  The librarian takes a caring interest in Ben where he meets the librarian’s vibrant daughter, Halley.  Halley names the dog Flip and suggests Ben trains him to be a reading therapy dog.  Halley, Ben, and Flip are inseparable.  Halley’s family becomes Ben’s.  They need Ben as much as he needs them.  Halley has cancer.  It is a daunting battle but Halley is very brave and positive, just as positive as Ben is in dealing with all that life throws at him.

This beautiful story flows so smoothly and explores so many of the highs and lows of  emotions.  The supporting characters sparkle but never take the shine away from the three main characters, Ben, Halley, and Flip.

eGalley review                          Publication date 6.7.16

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