Learning to Swear in America – Katie Kennedy

Learning to Swear in AmericaRussian boy genius Yuri Strelnikov  is a 17-year-old with a PhD in Physics.  The Americans recruit him when it is discovered that an asteroid is blazing toward Earth on a collision course with California, exactly where NASA has assembled the best and brightest to figure a way out of this deadly impact.  Yuri has only a few days to work the math, find a solution, and then convince those much older to accept his anti-matter plan.  Oh, he meets a quirky girl along the way.  Yuri struggles with culture shock and delights over his first girlfriend all while saving mankind.

What a fun book!  Yuri’s voice is deadpan, witty, and humorous, wrangling out a wry smile from me with each chapter.  The story moves at a brisk pace and best of all, celebrates intelligence, math, and science!  There is a tiny bit of  foul language.  After all, Yuri learns to swear in America.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                      Publication date 7.5.16

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