The Forgetting – Sharon Cameron

The ForgettingEvery twelve years, the citizens of the walled-in city of Canaan lose their memories.  Parents have no memory of their children.  Relatives and friends forget they ever knew each other.  After the first Forgetting, the citizens were required to keep a journal, tied to their waist and write the events of the day in preparation for the next Forgetting.  After the Forgetting, they read their volumes of journals to pick up their lives as best they can. But what if a person uses the Forgetting to construct a new life on a fake past?  What if someone is immune to the Forgetting?  Nadia is perhaps the only one who does not forget.  She was around five at the time of the last Forgetting and she knows so many secrets.  During the day, she goes exploring outside the wall seeking answers.  She stumbles upon more than she ever imagined.  The Forgetting is as brilliantly captivating as all Sharon Cameron’s books are.  Thought provoking.  We are made of our memories.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                     Publication date 9.13.16

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