Enter a Glossy Web – McKenna Ruebush

enter-a-glossy-webGeorge, short for Georgina, is left hurriedly with relatives when her parents must resume the search for her missing brother.  Her uncle, Constantine, tells her a curious bedtime story about a catastrophic meteor shower and The Council of Seven that was created to prevent the destruction of the world.  George barely gets to know these kind but eccentric relations when Constantine departs on an urgent business and her aunt is abducted.  This is after a skeleton delivers George a cryptic message from Constantine that sends her on a mission.  Following hasty instructions from her aunt to always turn left at decision points, she meets two boys busy digging a grave in a cemetery.  They decide to join her on her adventure that turns into a quest to save the world.  The trio travel to quirky worlds and meet a talking map, a distraught monster, a flameless dragon, and much more.  Students new to this genre and looking for a book that takes them on an imaginative journey should enjoy this adventure that is filled with heart.

eGalley review                                                  Publication date 9.27.16

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