A Trail Through Time: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book Four – Jodi Taylor

a-trail-through-timeIt looks like Max and Leon are really dead. (Well, Leon is alive in another universe.)  Without the primary protagonists a fourth book doesn’t look all that interesting. I’m just not in the mood to really care about some other St. Mary’s people. But wait . . . Max was flung by the muse of history into Leon’s carpet in his universe. A second chance for happily ever after. A chance for a nice, quiet life. Hah! As if anyone connected with St. Mary’s could live a nice quiet life. Before long they were being chased through the timeline by the Time Police.

This series revolves around St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research where historians investigate major historical events in contemporary time. Meaning that they travel through time. And mostly they come home in one piece. The books are full or British humor, but there is also death and destruction. Often I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The books need to be read in order, for there is too much missing background information to do otherwise.

eGalley review                               Publication date 11.1.16

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