Flashfall – Jenny Moyer

flashfallGenerations ago, a series of radiation storms began to destroy civilization.  The government erected a shield made of a unique element, cirium, to protect the capital city.  Some of the population were labeled as subpars and they and their offspring were doomed to slave in caves mining cirium.  A carrot was dangled in front of the miners.  If they mined a certain amount they would earn entrance to the city and become free.

Orion is a gifted caver. She has a special sense for finding the cirium in the very dangerous conditions. Her long-time caving partner, Dram, helps her fend off all manner of yucky creatures determined to kill the cavers.  And of course the longer the cavers mine, the more radiation they are exposed to.  Orion and Dram escape and are recaptured many times trying to find a way out for the subpars.

Tenacious and cunning, Orion is a true fighter and heroine to root for.  Her buddy, Dram is equally courageous and endearing.  Well written and chock full of adventure, action, danger and surprise.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                                     Publication date 11.15.16

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