See You in the Cosmos – Jack Cheng

see-you-in-the-cosmosAlex loves astronomy, rockets, and the idea of intelligent life in other galaxies.  He makes plans to travel to a rocket launch event with his dog, Carl Sagan.  Alex’s older brother left their Colorado home years before and now is making a life for himself in Los Angeles, leaving Alex to fend for himself.  Alex’s father died when Alex was 3.  His mother suffers from mental illness and often leaves Alex for days at a time.  Alex takes this all in stride and assumes responsibility for his mother and his dog.  But what keeps him going is his goal to launch his rocket with his iPod of recordings into space so aliens can listen to his recording of life on Earth.  The trip to the rocket launch turns into a series of misadventures, new friends, and life-changing discoveries.

The story is told as though listening to the recordings on Alex’s iPod.  Some of the characters seemed a bit too quirky to be real.  It is easy to feel compassion for Alex and also brother Ronnie, but something is missing in this road trip novel of discovery.

eGalley review                                                          Publication date 2.28.2017

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