Count All Her Bones – April Henry

Count All Her BonesThe much craved for sequel to Girl, Stolen (crazy popular on my campus) is everything April Henry fans come to expect.  The story opens months after Cheyenne’s escape from her kidnappers.  Cheyenne is preparing for her testimony against Roy, the mastermind of the sorry lot that held her for ransom.  Griffin, Roy’s son, who helped Cheyenne escape is also preparing for his testimony against his abusive father.  The past many months, Cheyenne’s wealthy father hired a bodyguard/self-defense trainer for her.  She is preparing Cheyenne to be ready for any attack and to know how to defend herself.  Cheyenne is blind, so she teaches strategies to utilize her other senses to help her in a dangerous situation.

Sure enough, Cheyenne decides to sneak out, falling right into the same danger she was in before.  April Henry is the master of teen suspense.  She puts her characters in life-threatening situations and excels in bringing the reader along smack in the middle of the action, fully engaging the reader.  It is also an opportunity to learn how best to avoid dangerous situations and how to respond when danger appears.  I appreciate the research notes  that tell how she researched her novels.  Extra points for great cover and title. Highly recommend!

eGalley review                            Publication date 5.2.17

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