The Hush – Skye Melki-Wegner

The HushIn a world where music enchants everyday objects with the Song, Chester is a gifted musician but not licensed to connect to the Song.  Only licensed Songshapers trained at the elite Conservatorium can legally connect to the Song.  Chester’s father vanished and Chester goes town to town making inquiries and playing at taverns to earn his way.  When his music illegally connects to the Song, he finds himself arrested with his head on the chopping block.  Saved by the Nightfall Gang, he is recruited for a special job.  The Nightfall Gang can go into and out of The Hush, sort of an alternate reality, hidden in the folds of the world they know.  Filled with all sorts of creepy beings that can kill with a touch, the Hush is a dangerous place to enter.  The odds are stacked against their ultimate heist because they intend to break into the Conservatorium and Chester is key to their success.

Originally published in Australia, the book is finally coming to the States!  The author succeeds in world building and creating rich and complex characters, each with their own backstory.  Full of adventure, death-defying escapes, and a small gang intent to help those in need from a corrupt society.  The Hush is fabulous!  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                                Publication date 6.6.17

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