Song of the Current – Sarah Tolcser

song of the currentCaroline has been raised by her father, a wherryman, and has lived her life on the river transporting goods from port to port on board their beloved wherry.  Until pirates destroy many wherry boats searching for a special crate.  Caro’s father refuses officials when they demand he transport the crate, while being pursued by pirates, so they throw him in jail.  Caro strikes a deal that she will transport the crate, earning the release of her father upon successful delivery.

It doesn’t take long for Caro to defy instructions and open the crate, awakening the contents, the heir to a neighboring kingdom.  Markos’s family has been murdered and the court magician enchanted crates to whisk away Markos by enchanting him into a deep sleep.  Now that he is awake, he and Core struggle to escape pirates and rescue his sister who was also sent away in a crate.  And then, what to do about his kingdom and the overthrow attempt?

Core is a headstrong heroine, full of spunk and boldness.  She can certainly take care of herself and doesn’t think much of the pampered noble that she is stuck with.  Markos is the stereotypical noble snob turned genuine person.  He is brave and loyal and of course, falls for Core.  Plenty of swash-buckling action, near deaths, and nasty pirates make this derring-do story a fun read.

eGalley review                                           Publication date 6.6.17

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