The Last Tudor – Philippa Gregory

the Last TudorJane, Katherine, Mary, the Grey daughters, were very unlike. Jane was quiet, religious, very intelligent. Katherine was the beauty, happy, loving life and wanting to experience everything it had to offer. Mary, the lovely little dwarf, stayed carefully in the background, watching everything, keeping secrets. The girls should have led uneventful, luxurious, lives. But that was not to be, for they were cousins to Queen Elizabeth, granddaughters to the sister of Henry VIII, heirs to the throne.

The book is told in three parts, three voices, each of the girls having their say. As usual, Gregory painted an historically accurate background and made the characters live. These women were new to me. Of course, I’d heard about the Nine Days Queen, Jane Grey, but knew very little about her, and nothing of the sisters. I found this tragic story to be very interesting.

eGalley review                                     Publication date 8.8.17

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