The Plague Diaries – Keeper of Tales Trilogy – Ronlyn Domingue

The Plague DiariesSecret Riven is determined to be normal, whatever normal may be. People with differences are shunned, so she has dyed her silver hair black, wears glasses that conceal her mis-matched eyes. Most of all she denies her special abilities, refusing to communicate with the animals, insects, plants that filled her life. Rejected from admission to a high academy (females just don’t need education), she accepts a position as the archivist of Fewmany’s library. Soon she is accepting invitations to dinner, balls, engaging in social interactions that had been carefully avoided. But, of course this can’t last, and she is coerced into leaving, into undertaking a journey with her mother’s ancient manuscript as a guide, and all of nature as her friend.
This is more than just a fantasy novel. It is moving, beautiful, and has depth. The author creates an atmosphere that gathers you in, involves you personally. This otherworld becomes very real. It is possible to read the Plague Diaries as a stand alone novel, but the other two are so wonderful, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you enjoy fantasy novels, this series is not to be missed.

eGalley review                                 Publication date 8.29.17

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