The Outcasts of Time – Ian Mortimer

Outcasts of TimeDecember, 1348. John and William are slowly making their way home through a Devon countryside devastated by the black plague. Death is everywhere. The world is dark, bleak, without hope. John and William are infected and are without hope. They will surely die soon and fear they will pay for their sins in the afterlife. But they each hear a voice giving them a strange choice. They can go home and live their last 6 days with loved ones or choose to seek salvation through the centuries, living one day each 99 years. They choose to see the future. This is a rather strange book, with a tiny peek at the changing world every 99 years, seen through the eyes of a bewildered pair. Each day is painted in great detail, noting the changes in clothing, speech, technology, manners. I enjoyed the book, but I’m still trying to decide what to make of it. I suppose it is a morality tale, or maybe not. It surely is a new way to look at history.

eGalley review                                                       Publication date 1.2.18

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