The Temptation of Forgiveness – Donna Leon

Temptation of ForgivenessCommissario Guido Brunetti is sympathetic when his wife’s friend comes to him. She is afraid that her son is using drugs, needs someone to listen to her fears, and hopes that someone can help. Unfortunately, Brunetti must tell her that there is nothing he can do. But when the husband of the friend is found at the foot of a bridge with a head injury leaving him in a coma, Brunetti investigates the possibility that drugs could be involved. As far as I’m concerned the mystery takes second place to the descriptions of life in Venice. It’s so laid back, with long lunches at home, walks by the canals, conversations with family. The characters feel real. They are flawed, vulnerable, muddling along as best they can. As are we all. I thoroughly enjoy these books and they don’t need to be read in sequence.

eGalley review                                               Publication date 3.20.18

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