The Fourth Sacrifice – Peter May

Fourth SacrificeDr. Margaret Campbell has had enough. She could have left China and gone home weeks ago. Instead, she decided to stay and co-operate with the Chinese authorities. Now she’s tired and bored and ready to leave China and to leave the man she loves. Her plane leaves tomorrow. But once again circumstances interfere and she is asked to stay and help with the investigation of a gruesome murder. This time it is a death by beheading and the victim is an American citizen. And if things weren’t complicated enough, both she and Chinese detective, Li Yan, are forced to work together, struggling with their conflicting emotions. This second book in the Chinese Thrillers was laced with Chinese history and archaeology. I enjoyed the look into both the ancient, with the terracotta warriors, and recent with the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. The descriptions of locations were wonderful, placing me in the midst of the action. This is the Peter May I have come to expect. It is not necessary to have read the first book. Although the events of The Firemaker carryover into this one, there is enough background information.

eGalley review                                                         Paperback Publication date 5.1.18

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