Bob – Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead

BobLivy and her mom return to Australia to visit her grandmother. The last time she was there was five years ago, when she was just five.  She had met an odd creature near her grandmother’s well, took him back to the house and played with him during the visit.  Then tells him to wait for her. She goes back to the States and forgets all about Bob. Five years later, she returns to find Bob still in the closet waiting. Slowly her memory of him returns and they set out to learn what he is and where he is from and how to get him home.

What an odd but charming story!  Bob is so easy-going and a natural at being a child’s best friend.  Described as short and greenish, I envisioned something like ET.  Co-written by two master storytellers, the pacing is perfect.  Slow enough to get to know the characters while keeping attention high.  I had to keep reading to learn who/what Bob is. The illustrations are soft and perfect for the story’s tone. This short lyrical story is a delight.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review                                                         Publication date 5.1.18

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