Sanctuary – Caryn Lix

SanctuaryAlien probes were sent to Earth fifty years before the story opens.  Those born after exposure to the probe developed super powers.  Earth, or Omnisteller Corporation the ruling entity, can’t just let these folks wander free so they are imprisoned off planet in huge maximum security space stations.  Sanctuary is the space prison where teen Kenzie lives and works as guard under command of her mother.  It is isolating work with frequent drills, yet she has never had to deal directly with the prisoners – teens her age.  Children with powers, some younger than 10 have been sent to Sanctuary for no real crime other than having powers.  During a mastermind jail break, Kenzie is taken hostage and she sympathizes with her captors.  They must band together for survival.

The story moves briskly, the characters are well-written, but it feels so familiar.  Part X-Men, part Alien, part lots of other SF novels.  For teens who are fine with that, who are not overly familiar with this genre, they will enjoy this high-action novel.  It is the next book that might just break away from familiar scenarios.  What happens next?  The story could go in so many directions so that I am eager to read the sequel.

eGalley review                                                 Publication date 7.24.18

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