Three Things About Elsie – Joanna Cannon

Three Things about ElsieEighty-four-year-old Florence was quite happy living in her own flat. But the council decided that she needed help coping and now she finds herself at Cherry Tree, an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, Florence, considered difficult, stubborn, far too independent, has been put on probation. If things don’t change, she will be sent to Greenbanks. But Florence is sure (well, almost sure) that the odd things that keep happening to her are the fault of a new resident who is out for revenge. He looks just like Ronnie Butler. Even Elsie says he looks just like Ronnie. The problem is, Ronnie drowned in 1953. This is a little mystery story and a big story about the struggles with the onset of dementia. And it is also a story about how all lives make a difference. Flo is a wonderful character, full of life, funny. And she is trying desperately to understand what’s happening to her. Her best friend Elsie helps her sort things out, always makes her feel better. It is a bittersweet, gentle story, told with love and compassion.

eGalley review                                                                         Publication date 8.7.18

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