Begone the Raggedy Witches – Celine Kiernan

Begone the Raggedy WitchesFrom the publisher, “On the night that Aunty dies the Raggedy Witches come for Mup’s mam. Pale, cold, relentless, they will do anything to coax Mam back to Witches Borough. When they kidnap Mup’s dad, Mup and her mam must leave the mundane world to rescue him. But Mam is strange on this side of the border – striding, powerful, and distant. Even if they can save Dad, Mup is not sure anything will ever be the same again…”

Yes, it’s another book about crossing into a hidden world to save a family member or discover powers. However, it is not the least bit tiresome.  It is an utter delight.  It’s the witty, no nonsense way the story is told.  It’s the characters.  Brave Mup who does what is right, stands up for what is right, and never really considers something horrible could happen.  Her baby brother, who for a baby in diapers has a surprisingly large vocabulary when in dog form, is a joy to read.  And poor Crow, an unwanted boy who just wants to be loved.  Then there is Crow’s mother who doesn’t want Crow yet helps but not fully as a mother should.  This was a breeze to read and so fun.  This first installment in The Wild Magic Trilogy ends on a will she, won’t she note.  Can Mam be content is this world or is she destined to rule the Witches?  I will eagerly read the next in the series!  Highly recommend

eGalley review                                                            Publication date 9.11.18

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