Unsheltered – Barbara Kingsolver

unshelteredWilla thought her life was finally in order. Her husband, Iano, had tenure, and she had a job she loved with a magazine. But of course, that was not to be. The college closed, the magazine failed, and it was back to zero. At least, they had inherited a house in Vineland, New Jersey. It was fairly close to Iano’s new job. But (and there is always a “but”) the house is very old and is falling down. Flash back to the 1870s. Thatcher Greenwood is also dealing with a house that needs major repair. He is newly married and newly employed as a science teacher at the Vineland school, and he must cope with a headmaster who feels that Darwin’s theory is heresy. The chapters alternate between the two centuries. The writing is beautiful, as only Kingsolver’s can be. Each narrative has its own voice and is true to its time. Shelter is more than a house. Shelter is also found in your beliefs, your friendships. This book explores the difficulties finding shelter when the world is changing around you. Barbara Kingsolver has again written a thoughtful book, combining wonderful stories with issues that confront us daily when we are trying to make sense of our life.

eGalley review                                               Publication date 10.16.18

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