Voyage of the Frostheart – Jamie Littler

Voyage of the Frostheartr, “In a snow-covered land where monsters rule the icy tundra, only song weavers hold the power to control these vicious giants. But for centuries song weavers have been the subject of suspicion—how can those who hold so much power be trusted?


Ever since his parents were lost on a pathfinding expedition, Ash has spent his life as an outcast. As a budding song weaver, his village marked him as a potential threat, even though all he wants to do is protect them. Eager to find his place in the world, he and his cantankerous yeti caretaker seek passage on the Frostheart: a ship-like sleigh whose mission is to explore faraway lands. There he meets a fast-talking, spunky navigator, a walrus captain with a peg leg who runs a tight sleigh, and a mysterious traveler who encourages him to hone his song. But can Ash’s song weaving save the Frostheart from the monsters hiding under the ice? Or will his untamed powers put his newfound friends in jeopardy? 

Chockfull of heart and humor, as well as Jamie Littler’s irresistable illustrations, the journey of the Frostheart will win over readers and gatekeepers looking for a rich, gateway fantasy read.

As an adventure story for the elementary age kiddos, this was a bit plodding.  The story seemed overly long in the village before he is exiled.  Once they boarded the Frostheart, the story picked up with the action of plenty of near misses.  I don’t know how kids will react to the continual passages regarding Ash’s training and learning to “sing”.  Best character is the yeti guardian.

eGalley review                                                                Publication date 11.5.19

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