Twilight Hauntings – Angie Sage

Twilight HauntingsFrom the publisher, “In Book One of the Enchanter’s Child duology, New York Times best-selling author of the Septimus Heap series Angie Sage crafts a fantasy world where enchantment is illegal, Oracles knit octopuses, wizards run around in soggy underpants, and one girl is on a mission to save Enchantment and Enchanters, which might just save the kingdom.  

Alex has a set of Enchanted cards. When she flutters her fingers above them, something magical happens: the cards come alive and create moving pictures of what is now and what is yet to come. But Enchantment is illegal in the city of Luma, and those who practice it are imprisoned forever in the Vaults—dark dungeons deep below the city.  When Alex is betrayed by her foster sister Zerra, she knows she is in great danger. With the help of her little foster brother, Louie, she makes a daring escape.   

But Alex discovers she is not safe outside Luma either. Here lurk deadly Hauntings that seek out those who practice magic: Enchanters and their children. The Hauntings take many forms and Alex is hunted by a giant bird of prey, the Hawke, a murderous Night Wraith called the Grey Walker, and the eerie Xin.  But why do the Hauntings haunt Alex?  Alex doesn’t believe she’s an Enchanter’s Child, but she has no idea who her parents are. Her precious Enchanted cards are her only clue to her true identity, and she becomes determined to find out who she is. And, while she is at it, to get rid of the deadly Twilight Hauntings forever.”

I absolutely love the author’s writing style and eagerly gobble up everything she writes.  She successfully introduces a plethora of characters, each with an intriguing backstory so rich that each character could easily star in their own story.  Yet she never loses sight of her main characters.  As each person is introduced, I ponder their role and how it is all tied together.  It’s so very clever and fun to read.  Hard not to smile while reading.  I am slightly saddened this is a duology, not a long series.  But that’s okay, as long as the author has a trove of stories still to come.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review                                                Publication date 3.31.2020

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