The Faithless Hawk – Margaret Owen

Faithless HawkFrom the publisher, “Dangerous magic, a tormented romance, and lethal betrayals come to a head in the thrilling sequel to Margaret Owen’s The Merciful Crow.  As the new chieftain of the Crows, Fie knows better than to expect a royal to keep his word. Still she’s hopeful that Prince Jasimir will fulfill his oath to protect her fellow Crows. But then black smoke fills the sky, signaling the death of King Surimir and the beginning of Queen Rhusana’s ruthless bid for the throne.  Queen Rhusana wins popular support by waging a brutal campaign against the Crows, blaming them for the poisonous plague that wracks the nation.  A desperate Fie clings onto a prophecy that a long-forgotten god will return and provide a cure to the plague. Fie must team up with old friends—and an old flame—to track down a dead god and save her people.”

Fie is still trying to get Prince Jasimir on the throne by bringing down the evil Queen Rhusana.  There is more this time about the old gods and gods reborn and some of it got a tad confusing.  I still really like the premise of teeth and bones holding power.  Fie continues to be the heroine to root for.  She’s so blunt.  Even though her life is complicated, she comes across as an uncomplicated person. Tavin is back (!) and also Jasimir, who has sense of humor.  And a scene is always better when Barf, her cat, is present.  Excellent duology.

eGalley review                                             Publication date 8.18.2020

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