Migrations – Charlotte McConaghy

MigrationsFranny has an irresistible urge to wander. She just cannot stay in one place for very long. She also has an irresistible urge to swim in the ocean, the very cold ocean. And she has a great love for birds. She knows she is searching for something, but can’t quite understand what it is. Driven by a need to follow the Arctic terns on what might be their final migration to Antarctica, she convinces the captain of the Shanghai that to follow the terns she has banded will lead him to great schools of fish. Set in the near future when all animals are facing extinction, and told by an unreliable narrator, this is a haunting, disturbing novel. But it is at the same time beautiful and poetic. It is a novel I will remember for a very long time.

eGalley review                                   Publication date 8.25.2020

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