Rot & Ruin – Jonathan Maberry

This is one of the best YA zombie series I have read – by far.  Yes, another zombie dystopia.  There is plenty of zombie goriness and horror.  An isolated town battles zombies to stay alive and try to create some semblance of life.  It is the plot, the characters and the action-packed writing that sets these books apart from the zombie pack.  The characters are really well developed.  I have a book crush on Tom Imura, the soulfully deep and kind-hearted “closure specialist”.  He puts a humane end to loved ones who have been zombified.  

Maberry is the zombie master.  Brilliant!  Carpet coasts (nothing bites through carpet, not dogs, not zombies) and clever zombie trading cards are just some of the details in this well-developed zombie future.  The story lingered with me – not the gore. 

 PLUS – his books win the award for best cover art!  Here is the picture of the sequel: Dust and Decay.  It is equally as excellent.

Tom, his brother, Benny (who actually is the main character of Rot & Ruin, but I have the book crush on Tom), and several friends train for months before heading out to find a better life.  They encounter plenty of zombies, wild animals, and murderers.  Not everyone that sets out will live to tell the tale.

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