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Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a teenaged cyborg in future China that is suffering from a world-wide plague.  Being a cyborg or part machine, it is natural that Cinder is a mechanic/techie and runs a booth in the market fixing anything mechanical.  Yes, it … Continue reading

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Prized (The Birthmarked Trilogy-vol.2) – Caragh O’Brien

The setting is future Earth where we have so messed up our environment that giving birth to a healthy baby is increasingly against the odds.  Gaia’s struggles continue after escaping from one dystopian society to another.  This time around, she … Continue reading

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The Girl in the Park – Mariah Fredericks

This hits the mark for teen readers eager for a delicious blend of mystery and teen drama.  Rain is the quiet former friend of the school’s party girl whose body was found in the park.  The writing style pulled me in … Continue reading

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Glow – Amy Ryan

Two ships of colonists set out from Earth.  Kieran and Waverly are the first children born in deep space aboard the Empyrean.  They are destined to be together and to lead their generation.  But something is wrong aboard the New … Continue reading

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Across the Universe – Beth Revis

An enormous spaceship designed to last for multiple generations sets out with colonists.  There are two groups of colonists.  One group is cryogenically encased in capsules to be awakened when the destination is reached.  One group is to live and breed and die … Continue reading

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All These Things I’ve Done – Gabrielle Zevin

Another future gone wonkers type of book.  Chocolate and coffee are illegal and crime is rampant.  The setting is New York City in 2083 and Anya is a chocolate mafia princess.  Her father and mother were killed by rival families.  … Continue reading

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Blood Wounds – Susan Beth Pfeffer

Understand parentage, but you are your own person and not defined by parents.   When Willa was quite young, her mother left an abusive marriage.  She remarried a kind man whose wealthy ex-wife provides his daughters with a rich and privileged … Continue reading

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