Double – Jenny Valentine

Ohhhh, this is a good one!  Chap is a homeless teen in England mistaken for Cassiel, a runaway teen who could be his double.  Tired of being homeless, he steps into the missing boy’s life hoping that his new family will not notice the subtle differences in appearance.  The story flips back and forth so the reader discovers Chap’s background bit by bit and how he came to be without a home or family.  What happened to Cassiel, the missing teen?  Did he run away or was he murdered?  The author weaves the two stories together seamlessly.  I read this one during a road trip and was so absorbed the miles flew by.  The characters are complex.  I came to care about Chap, his sister Edie, and friend Floyd.  The story has an excellent rhythm feeding the reader the background, teasing the reader to solve the mystery before it fully unfolds.  The plot is intriguingly excellent.

Galley review.  Publication date: 2.21.12

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