Enclave – Ann Aguirre

Environmental disasters have destroyed the earth and people have retreated underground to avoid acid rain.  The Enclave is one of the more civilized, yet brutal groups eking out an existence in the subways of the former New York City.  Deuce was born and raised in the Enclave.  The story opens with her initiation ceremony as a huntress.  She’s partnered with Fade, who doesn’t quite fit in.  He came from above ground as a young boy.  The Enclave fights encroachment of Freaks aka genetically mutated humans that have become cannibalistic.  So it is a bleak, dark existence.  Deuce and Fade quickly get exiled and they escape above ground.  Lots of action, fighting, and struggling to survive in a gritty future world.  I could not grasp the timeline of events from the horrid whatever that happened to Earth to the virus to the complete degradation of society.  For those wanting to add to their repertoire of post-apocalyptic dystopian novels, it should find an audience.

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