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Delirium – Lauren Oliver

Controlling emotions, specifically love, is the best way to solve the problems in society.  Around 18, everyone gets a bit of brain surgery to remove the emotion center ridding people of the highs and lows of love.  No more passion, … Continue reading

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Tankborn – Karen Sandler

The Earth colony on the planet Loka utilizes genetic engineering to create a caste society.  The lowest of the castes are the GENS, genetically engineered non-humans, born in tanks from a combo of human and animal DNA that gives them … Continue reading

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Crossed – Ally Condie (sequel to Matched)

It is difficult to give a summary without spoiling the story for the reader.  At the end of Matched, the characters are separated.  For half of Crossed, Cassia is searching for Ky.  She is still torn by her love for … Continue reading

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Enclave – Ann Aguirre

Environmental disasters have destroyed the earth and people have retreated underground to avoid acid rain.  The Enclave is one of the more civilized, yet brutal groups eking out an existence in the subways of the former New York City.  Deuce … Continue reading

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Prized (The Birthmarked Trilogy-vol.2) – Caragh O’Brien

The setting is future Earth where we have so messed up our environment that giving birth to a healthy baby is increasingly against the odds.  Gaia’s struggles continue after escaping from one dystopian society to another.  This time around, she … Continue reading

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Across the Universe – Beth Revis

An enormous spaceship designed to last for multiple generations sets out with colonists.  There are two groups of colonists.  One group is cryogenically encased in capsules to be awakened when the destination is reached.  One group is to live and breed and die … Continue reading

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All These Things I’ve Done – Gabrielle Zevin

Another future gone wonkers type of book.  Chocolate and coffee are illegal and crime is rampant.  The setting is New York City in 2083 and Anya is a chocolate mafia princess.  Her father and mother were killed by rival families.  … Continue reading

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