The Mostly True Story of Jack – Kelly Barnhill

I’m attracted to odd stories.  This one, well, hard to put my finger on what it was that I just finished.  People have both good and bad in them.  A Mother Earth type mystical magical figure was split in half generations ago, the good half and the bad half.   A deal was made with a man to swap his son for her son through the generations and he would have power, riches, etc.  Fast forward several generations and the descendent did not want to give up his son, so he tricked the bad half of Mother Earth by kidnapping and substituting someone else’s son.  Okay, Jack, Mother Nature’s son, has no memory of who or what he is.  He was sent to live as a human with a family.  He’s back and he is destined to bring the halves of his mother together, to restore the magic and the natural balance.  In one sentence taken from the book, Jack faces his friend, “He couldn’t explain the split mother, or the imprisonment, or the talking house, or the sneaky interventions of Gog and Magog.”  Hmmm. Well, if Jack can’t explain it, neither can I.   I would like to see what the author could do with a story about Clive and Mabel, the wise couple that take Jack in.  There is much more to that couple and could yield an enjoyable tale.

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