Crossed – Ally Condie (sequel to Matched)

It is difficult to give a summary without spoiling the story for the reader.  At the end of Matched, the characters are separated.  For half of Crossed, Cassia is searching for Ky.  She is still torn by her love for Xander, who only makes a passing appearance in this book.  The setting is bleak and desolate, since the characters spend most of the time in the war-torn outposts and the sparse canyons.  This is a necessary book in the planned series, providing more explanation about the background of the Society, the Rising and Ky.  The author is setting everything up to explode in the next book that I hope will feature more of Xander.  The books MUST be read in order.

Matched is on our school reading list this year and even with multiple copies, the hold list or wait list is 30 students long.  Very popular!  I’ve got the wait list going for the school’s copies of Crossed when it comes in next week.  I preordered my personal copy during the summer and Friday evening, following the tracking info, it still hadn’t arrived, so I chased down the postman.

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