Diabolical – Cynthia Leitich Smith

Diabolical is part of the Tantalize series.  It helps to read the books in order, but not necessary.  The author does a good job catching the reader up with the characters.  The story opens with ex-vampire Miranda looking down on her boyfriend, fallen angel Zachary, from her seat in the Penultimate, the in-between place after death but before heaven. When she sees that her best friend, Lucy, is enrolled in a suspicious looking school, she sends a message to Zachary to go check on her.  Zachary takes a few friends with him on the quest, new vampire Quincie, and her werewolf boyfriend, Kieren. Posing as students to get into the school, they quickly learn that the campus is more than it seems. The school is a gate to Hell and the headmaster of the school is Lucifer.  There is an onslaught of fallen angel, vampire and werewolf books in YA lit, so it takes a special something to make one stand out as this one does.  Plenty of action and suspense with great characters!

Galley review – publication date: 1.4.12

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