Blank Confession – Pete Hautman

This quick read packs a punch.  I can see needing an extra copy or two for the library to meet demand.   Shayne Blank has attended several different high schools.  He meets Mikey, a small-in-stature yet smart mouthed, quirky classmate.  Mikey is being bullied by his sister’s boyfriend who is also a drug pusher in school.  Shayne acts as vigilante, out to protect the weak against the cruel.  The story is told in the alternating voices of Mikey and Detective Rawls who is taking Shayne’s murder confession.  The story begins with Shayne showing up at a police station saying he murdered someone.  As the story unfolds, we see what really happened.   Hmmm – is the main character named Shayne after Shane, the 1953 movie starring Alan Ladd?

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