Under the Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

Ahhh, this is a good dystopian novel!   I finished it days ago and the story continues to linger with me. The premise is familiar: Earth as we know it has undergone change, the evolved humans (Dwellers) live in an oppressively controlled society, protected from the elements while sporadic tribes live a more savage existence fighting the elements for survival.  Dangerous Aether is ever present, swirling amidst the clouds, gathering energy to strike.  The description of Aether leaves me with images of the northern lights turning into tornadic lightning.  Aria lives a carefree existence in the protective pods, living in the virtual worlds created for the society.  An incident leads to her cruelly being dumped into the outside world, exiled, with no survival skills.  An outsider, Perry, comes to her aide somewhat reluctantly.  His nephew was abducted by the Dwellers and he intends to use Aria’s knowledge to get his nephew back.  The novel alternates between Aria’s and Perry’s point of view.  The story is well conceived and executed with an even pace punctuated with bursts of danger.  The dialogue is crisp, the descriptions are vivid, and the characters are vulnerable yet strong.  I approve of the ending and hope there will be a sequel.

Netgalley review  Publication date 1.03.12

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