Legend – Marie Lu

Legend is receiving a great deal of publisher publicity and deservedly so.  The formula is the same as in so many young adult dystopian novels:  oppressive government creating a bleak existence for the masses and teens are the catalyst for change.  Legend succeeds in delivering a pulse-pounding story with two complex and likeable teen heroes.  Set so far into the future that the country now known as The United States is the stuff of myth and legend.  The western half of the continent is the Republic with the story’s action taking place in a flooded Los Angeles.  They have been at war with the Colonies for many years.  The novel tells the story in the alternating voices of two teen catalysts.  Day is a Robin Hood of sorts desperate to save his plague-stricken younger brother.  June is the genius military protégé assigned to capture Day after he attempts to steal the plague cure for his brother.  I was emotionally invested in Legend after the first few chapters when the author cruelly murdered a character I decided I would really like.  Gritty and intense with a tightly written plot, this book will be a hit.  I hope the young author has a long and productive writing career.  Movie rights have already been sold.

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