Tempest – Julie Cross

Tempest is a time traveling, conspiracy theory, whirlwind novel.  Jackson discovers his time traveling abilities somewhat by accident, but is only able to jump back a few hours or days at a time at first before having to “tag up” and return to his real time.  One day, two evil time travelers burst in, attempting to kidnap him.  During the struggle, his girlfriend, Holly, is fatally shot.  Jackson panics and ends up time jumping back two years, unable to return to his real time in 2009.  He has to carve a life for himself in the recent past of 2007 where he must win over Holly again.  Jackson must find a way forward to 2009, to save Holly.  He discovers the truth about his abilities, his secretive and controlling father, and the politics of the time traveling game.  Tempest is fast-paced, with plot twists, conspiracies, and parallel universe theories intertwined. The first in a planned trilogy, this novel does answer immediate questions, but plenty is left to be discovered and savored in future books.

Netgalley review  Publication date 01.17.12

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