The Night She Disappeared – April Henry

Wow!  Another book by April Henry that does not disappoint.  Kayla is out at night making a pizza delivery and does not come back.  Her panicked co-worker, Drew calls the police.  It looks like the abductor initially targeted Gabie, another employee at the pizza shop.  Where is Kayla?  Despite Kayla’s blood found on a rock near the swift river, Gabie feels Kayla is still alive.  The police send dive teams into the river.  If Gabie was the initial target, is she still?  If Gabie and Drew figure out who abducted Kayla, perhaps they could save Kayle and Gabie both.  No way am I giving away any more details and spoil the story.  Just as in Girl, Stolen, April Henry has created another nonstop, suspense filled mystery.  The details are everywhere in this book, from the police tactics to the dive team working environment, to the pizza making.  I really enjoyed the section focusing on the dive team and the pitch dark river.  The story is told through the alternating voices of the many characters, including the man who took Kayla.  Drew, Kayla and Gabie, are all well-drawn teens with determination.  Gotta like and admire Drew with how he handles his life.  A read this quick book on a dreary, rainy Sunday and become so engrossed, I forgot dinner.  This will be a hit at my school and is every bit as good, maybe better than Girl, Stolen and that is saying a great deal. 

NetGalley Review  Publication date 4.10.12

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